November 15, 2014

Class A Tournament

Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Broward County Convention Center

1950 Eisenhower Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316


  • Registration Forms & Fees

    Registration Fees for Competition

    Form & Point Sparring - considered 2 events $35.00
    Traditional Weapons $25.00
    1st ATA Xtreme OR Creative Event $25.00
    2nd ATA Xtreme OR Creative Event $15.00
    3rd ATA Xtreme OR Creative Event $15.00
    4th ATA Xtreme OR Creative Event $15.00
    Combat Weapons Sparring $25.00

    * 1st and 2nd family members will continue to pay full price for events. 3rd family members and more will continue to pay $5 for each individual event. 3rd family member does not apply to Combat Weapons Sparring.
    Spectator Fees are $10 per person.
    5 years and under are FREE

    !Important Notice!

    Tournament facility located within the US Port Authority. ALL ADULTS entering the location MUST present a valid ID.

Don't Miss Out!
Online registration ends at 11:59pm cst on Sunday, November 9, 2014!

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