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ATA Leadership NOW

Welcome to, the official website of the ATA Leadership program and home to inspiring tales of leadership, honor, and charity – guiding principles of our martial arts system – plus help to keep kids safe from bullies, abduction, poor health, and missed opportunities. The V.I.P. Zone offers special rewards for Leadership members including elite training videos, merchandise discounts, and more. Leadership students may also attend V.I.P. Workouts at national events to train with legendary Songahm Master Instructors. Learn more of the benefits of Leadership training, find an ATA-licensed school or club, and see your Instructor to enroll in the ATA Leadership program today!

        What's New on Leadership NOW


  • ASK THE EXPERT: Chief Master M.K. Lee


    ATA’s head of instruction, legendary leader Chief Master M.K. Lee, 8BD, shares his wisdom on balance and life in this ATA World, Fall ’13, interview.




    When students and instructors at ATA Martial Arts in Odessa, Texas, met Kaitlyn Pool, who was born deaf, they taught her Taekwondo and she taught them to sign. ATA World has the story.



  • KIDS' KORNER:  Weapons Trick - Body Roll

    Heed a true winner’s advice on how to perform the “Advanced Body Roll” with a Jahng Bong in a step-by-step photo lesson and – exclusive to – a new video presentation. Choose to learn, choose to lead!






  • Feature:  All in this Together

    Take a cue from a DRAGON BOAT CREW and discover how your RELATIONSHIPS with others will get you closer to your GOALS - and make for a fun ride, too!  ATA World charts the course.







  • Kids' Korner:  Onward, Great Relationships!

    ATA World wants you to put the ship in your relationships! Make a pact with a partner to “be in each other’s boat” – and build strong bonds with your family, friends, and community. We’re rooting for you!





  • Feature: How to Train for Speed

    We’re not just talking quick kicks. Speed – as Black Belts know it – is multi-dimensional, and each dimension is key to self-defense and martial artistry. Get real about getting fast!




  • Mind Body Spirit: Protein Prescription

    Our bodies need protein for growth, strength, and energy. But how much, what kinds, and when to ingest are right for you? ATA World has the scoop.




  • Ask the Expert (in training): L. Taekwon Lee

    The youngest son of ATA founder Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee literally grew up in the organization and now plays pivotal leadership roles. On the brink of obtaining his Mastership title last summer, Mr. Lee answered intriguing questions for ATA World, reflecting pride, humility, vision and hope for his remarkable father’s legacy. Learn more about this accomplished young man and ever rising star.




  • For Kicks:  The Nutrient Gap

    Add these three top nutrients to get your body on track to perform at peak levels. ATA World reports.




  • Family Ties: Let’s Talk About Health

    How do you talk to your kids about obesity and physical fitness without using damaging labels? Think: health. Follow this expert advice for a productive conversation and healthy changes.




  • Feature: Dynamite Defenders

    ATA Defenders – instructors, Masters, and an 11-year-old YouTube sensation – fight the good fight against bullying behavior across America. ATA World heralds a few heroes in the on-going battle.



  • Feature: The First Respect is Self-Respect

    To respect others, you must first respect yourself! ATA thinks you are worth it – and you should too! Legendary leaders explain why self-respect is “step one” to success in this ATA World article.




ATA Video Throwback: Chief Master Phillip Minton “The Genius of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee”



ATA Video Throwback:  Chief Master Cesar Ozuna "A Memory of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee - Starting the STF"




ATA Video Throwback:  Chief Master William Babin "A Memory of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee"



  • Kid's Korner:  Weapons Trick - Ssahng Nat Elbow Pop

    A young Black Belt in California breaks down the steps needed to pull off a flashy trick with a pair of Ssahng Nats in words, pictures, and video.



  • In Focus: Living the Example

    One Dad decides to physically embody his values for his daughters – and lose nearly 100 pounds in less than a year with ATA’s help. He’s also a champion competitor and a President’s Challenge winner! ATA World presents his amazing story.





ATA Video Throwback: Chief Master Larry Hoover "A Memory of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee"



  • 2nd Degree Instructor Trainee Wins First-Ever “Leadership NOW” Scholarship

    Congratulations to Miss Monica Dollive of Fort Wayne, Indiana, for earning a brand new scholarship award from the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation, and for “choosing to learn, choosing to lead” in pursuit of a career that will meet the (N)eeds of (O)ur (W)orld – truly showing Leadership NOW!



  • Feature:  Arm Yourself

    For Strong punches and crisp strikes, and for the total body fitness Martial Artists need for speed, it's time to BUILD POWERFUL ARMS.  ATA World and Songahm Masters show the way.



  • Feature:  Global Punch

    ATA Spreads the way of martial arts around the world. Together in global partnership, Taekwondo devotees commit to the universal language of Songahm. ATA World explores the past, present, and future of Songahm Taekwondo’s worldwide impact in this feature article.




  • Mind Body Spirit:  Four Facts about Flexibility

    Optimal flexibility can increase performance and decrease the risk of injury. Here’s how to get and stay flexible – the right way – in this article from ATA World.





  • Ask the Expert:  Chief Master Cesar Ozuna

    ATA World interviewed Chief Master Ozuna recently about his passion for Songahm Taekwondo and his experiences bringing it to the people of South American nations and elsewhere. Read his compelling responses in this brief interview.



  • Feature:  Terrific Taekwondo Teens


    ATA teens who keep up their Taekwondo training use their dojahng skills to stay strong and confident in all aspects of their lives – even during the difficult adolescent years. This generation of leaders is truly ATA Strong! ATA World features several to watch and learn from.


  • Feature:  Kick Up Your Cardio

    You need more than a perfect form and a clean uniform to be a physically fit martial artist. For your endurance, heart health, and lifted mood – and for better Taekwondo – you’ve got to cardio.

  • ATA Video Throwback:  Funny Stories from the 2010 Masters Class, Part 1



  • ATA Video Throwback:  Funny Stories from the 2010 Masters Class, Part 2



ATA Video Throwback:  Governor Bill Clinton Breaks Boards, 1988



  • Leadership NOW Interview with Grand Master In Ho Lee! 


  • Video Throwback:  Eternal Grand Master and National Champions from World Championships, 1985


  • Grand Master In Ho Lee invites all to win President's Challenge with ATA for fitness and fun!


  • ATA Video Throwback:  Grand Master In Ho Lee 4th Degree Form at World Championships 1985



    • ATA Video Throwback:  Chief Master Allemier Black Belt Testing, 1979   



        Stories with the Masters:  Chief Master Allemier - First Impressions of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee