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My son loves Leadership. It makes him feel special to be a part of such an elite program. He proudly wears his Leadership uniform and uses the cool items with the Leadership logo. As a Mom, I love the difference I've seen in him. Leadership is such a beneficial investment!
– Alicia Jones, mother of 7-year-old Tyler Jones

Leadership Profiles

Mr. Jake Teselle

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Instructor Trainee, Cunningham's ATA
  • 2004 Student of the Year
  • High school student
  • Also participates in church outreach activities
Black Belt Service Project:

Promoted a blood drive that broke the city's record with 31 units donated (2006)

Why this Project:

"Reed and I chose to do the Blood Drive mainly because it was something huge and really different. Being the first 'homegrown' Black Belts, we felt extra pressure to really set the bar."

About this Project:

"Since the drive, Mr. C holds two blood drives a year and other Black Belts do them as their projects now too."

Favorite Taekwondo Benefits:

"Being able to do Taekwondo from such a young age really instilled confidence in me that has carried throughout my life. Also, being in leadership has taught me a lot about interacting with other people. The 10 class management skills really do apply to any group you're working with!"

About your Instructor:

"He is friendly beyond reason, very funny, and he makes a great environment at the school. It's such a fun place to be. Mr C has a lot to teach. He has the perfect balance of a carefree attitude and down-to-business mentality."