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Because I'm in the Leadership program at my ATA school, my Instructor asked me to think of a way to serve others in my town. I decided to pick up trash at a park near my house so that kids like me would have a clean place to play. My Mom and Dad and even my little brother helped. It was kinda gross, but I had fun. I really like helping people!
– Paxton Thomas, Yellow Belt, 9 years old

From ATA World Volume 20, Number 2 – Summer 2013

ATA World wants you to put the ship in your relationships! Make a pact with a partner to “be in each other’s boat” – and build strong bonds with your family, friends, and community. We’re rooting for you!


1. Make a deal with a partner (a friend or sibling or even your martial arts instructor) to accomplish these steps toward strong relationships. Give each other a high-five to seal the deal!

2. As you complete each step, check the appropriate box. It will be more challenging to do them in order, but you don’t have to. The goal is to complete them all before school starts.

3. Connect with your partner once a week to see how each other’s dragon boat journeys are shaping up. Ask: What can I do to help you? (And be willing to accept help yourself.)

4. When you’ve both completed your journeys to better relationships, celebrate. Then, spread the word of your success to everyone who helped you along the way!