The ATA Legacy Academy is a fully immersive training camp focused on the four quadrants of ATA's Legacy Program.  Whether you are a 1st Degree Black Belt, Level 1 (red/black collar) or a high-ranking, Level 3 (black collar) certified instructor, this fully-immersive training camp is an excellent way to receive an incredible amount of dedicated instruction around your Songahm Training Taekwondo technique and teaching skills.

The Legacy Academy camp will provide 10-hour days of training followed by a certification testing at the new World Headquarters training facility.  At the end of the day, attendees will take the skills they have learned and apply them during actual, supervised classes at a local ATA Martial Arts school.

At the end of the week, attendees will be tested on their knowledge of the Legacy Program.  ATA's International Certification Staff will then assess their capabilities and provide their instructors with a recommended Legacy level upgrade.  Some members may receive a one level up, while others may receive a full recommendation to become Level 3 certified (must be 18 or older to qualify for Level 3 certification).  This determination will be based on the individual's comprehension level at the end of the full week, plus his/her capabilities to showcase all levels of physical material and teaching skills during the supervised classes at the local ATA Martial Arts school.

A daily sample schedule:

9:00am-11:30am       Songahm Taekwondo Training in All Techniques, Forms and Protech

11:30am-4:00pm       Teaching Quadrants

Each Day one of the following will be covered:

Student: Structure, Emotion, Knowledge, Legacy

Instructor: Structure, Emotion, Knowledge Legacy

5:00pm-8:00pm         Teach in supervised classes at a local ATA Martial Arts school

Who is eligible to attend:

  • ATA Licensees and Legacy Facilitators
  • Legacy Members: Minimum Level 1 of Higher
  • Minimum Age 18 (younger attendees must be accompanied by legal guardian)
  • Minimum Rank of 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Must have your Instructor's written permission to attend


  • Legacy Facilitator Recertification Testing Available
  • Camp fee does not include upgrade application fee.

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Hotel Information:

The Four Points By Sheraton Little Rock Midtown offers a special discounted rate of $92.00 per night which includes COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE to and from ATA International Headquarters, as well as Clinton National Airport.

925 South University Avenue

ATA Legacy Academy

05.09.2018 - 05.11.2018 | Little Rock, AR

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