ATA Leadership - Level 1: Xtreme Forms Training

*NEW SEMINAR! Level 1 is perfect for instructors that need more practice in the Leadership Forms curriculum. All 6 forms will be covered: Open Hand, Closed Hand, Kamas, Chux, Bo-Staff and Xtreme Sword forms. The full-day seminar will cover choreography memorization, plus ways to add to advanced techniques to the forms (beginner to advanced versions). Plus practice on the Specialty Kicks (beginner to advanced versions) of all forms will be covered.

ATA Leadership - Level 2: Teaching the Curriculum

Level 2 will focus on Teaching the Leadership Program. Learn how to teach the Leadership class planners. Teaching the Xtreme curriculum has been simplified over the years, and now you will be able to teach it so that you have separate curriculum for your basic students and your Leadership students. Each segment (from Warm-ups to Life Skills) will be broken down as you learn how to teach a 30 minute Leadership Class for your upgraded members. PLUS, Learn to effectively teach the most powerful segment of class – the Life Skills segment utilizing the 6 booklets! This Leadership program adds value to your upgraded memberships by utilizing the sandwich schedule, differentiating from your Legacy Program, utilizing the Leadership Training Tools (weapons) and much more!


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