Not A Morning Person

You Can Be with These Tips

Have you ever heard that you can convince yourself of anything? For all of you non-morning people out there, you may not believe that you could ever learn to be chipper and productive in the mornings. I’m here to tell you that you CAN! It may not be easy, but if you’re dedicated to learning the wonderous ways of a morning person, check out these tips!



This is important to do when reaching all of your goals because if you don’t have a reason for the goal, you won’t find importance in it. Therefore, the goal will become irrelevant and unreached. Get in a conscientious mindset so you are able to control your impulses and stay on track. This includes becoming responsible and organized with your routine. If you have to set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally do, think about the positive outcomes of that rather than how tortuous it feels.



I may have already lost you at this point, but I’m telling you it’s a necessity! When you give up your early morning routine on the weekends, you’re allowing your body to drift back into old patterns and it messes with the implementation of a new schedule. It’s important to do this no matter what. Wake up early on that Saturday morning even if you were out late the night before. If you’re on vacation, you should still be waking up early!



Everyone works differently. Half of us may be really dialed in and productive after our first cup of coffee in the morning. The other half may feel just as dialed in and productive with no coffee in their system. Similarly, some of us may be at our peak performance from 6AM-10AM while others are at their peak performance from 2PM-6PM. Study your productiveness and energy levels throughout the day to best determine a schedule specifically designed for you.



Did you know there are alarm apps available? These aren’t your typical alarms either. Some of these apps will give you a math problem to solve in order to turn off your alarm. Solving a math problem when you first wake up is an excellent way to wake your brain up enough to make the wise decision to get out of bed rather than hit the snooze button. You could also change up your alarm to sound different every once in a while, so you don’t grow to dread the same alarm every morning.



This is ATA Martial Arts’ favorite tip because there are so many great benefits to exercising first thing in the morning. It obviously helps you wake up, but it will also lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better at night. In other words, exercising in the morning is one of the most important factors in changing your daily routine.


If you’re not a morning person and you have no desire to be, that’s perfectly fine! You may have your daily routine all figured out and you learned that you can be just as productive without waking up early. For those of you that do desire to become a morning person, try these tips out! If it works for you, share this blog with friends who also want to become morning people. Make it Possible!



Author: McKenna Stephens

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