ATA International Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • ATA International was founded by Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee in 1969.
  • The ATA is one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world and is dedicated to the Songahm style of Taekwondo.
  • There are more than 130,000 active members in the organization worldwide.
  • The ATA world headquarters is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and has called the state capitol home since 1977.
  • ATA International has licensed over 950 independently owned and operated martial arts locations, currently in operation in over 21 countries.
  • ATA offers many curriculum programs for all ages and a variety of purposes ranging from basic martial arts, to self-defense, life skill building, bullying prevention and more.
  • The H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden was erected in 2007 in downtown Little Rock, AR and serves as a memorial to the work, dedication, and commitment of ATA Founder, Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee.
  • In 1995, the H.U. Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund was established and has since provided more than 900 students with nearly $1 million in scholarships.
  • In addition to the World Championships, ATA sanctions over 300 tournaments each year worldwide.

ATA Leadership

  • Sitting Grand Master In G.K. Lee is a 9th Degree Black Belt, and the Grand Master of ATA International.
  • Neil Morton, is the Chief Executive Officer of ATA International and is responsible for all business operations of ATA.
  • Mrs. Sun C. Lee, widow of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for ATA and Chairman of the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program.


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