"Alone you are good.  Together, we are better."
Featuring training and exhibition events with Team ATA USA.

ATA's National Leadership Academy
- Special Athlete Development Seminars with Team ATA USA

Special Training Events across the country featuring Team ATA USA's official team members.  Plus learn from the top coaches from around the country.  Based on your skill, level of improvement, discipline and training, you may receive a special invitation to attend Team Trial Week during the National Leadership Academy at ATA World Headquarters in August of 2019 where Team ATA USA members will be selected to represent ATA USA during the 2020 ATA World Cup competition. 

<Discipline - Respect - Self-Esteem - Honesty - Communication - Belief>

ATA Leadership members that train at a National Leadership Academy should expect to:

  • Develop a Team mentality
  • Work on advanced free sparring and combat sparring concepts
  • Train with Elite level coaches
  • Meet new ATA friends from around the country
  • Have lots of fun and sweat!

ATA USA Team Trial Week
Held during the ATA's National Leadership Academy at ATA's World Headquarters August 1-6, 2019.  Only a select few will earn a spot to train with the best of the best in the USA.  If you are chosen, you will represent Team ATA USA.  To see the members and find out more about Team ATA USA, click here.


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