Legacy Facilitator Training

VISA Athletic Center | Wednesday, February 27th  |  8:00am - 5:00pm

VISA Athletic Center | Thursday, February 28th |  8:00am - 5:00pm

Since it’s introduction at Worlds 2015, over 1000 instructors have received this exciting training! Be sure to take advantage of this updated instructor program offering your licensed location the most innovative system for your elite students looking to grow above a typical Leadership Program. All licensees who pass this program will have the ability to “level-up” their members. This two-day course will teach you the four quadrants to the Legacy Program: Structure, Emotion, Knowledge, and Legacy. This highly energetic seminar also includes physical training in Songahm Taekwondo.

Legacy Personal Analysis (PA)

During the 2-day Legacy Facilitator Training Seminar at Fall Nationals, send your Legacy Members (Levels 1 – 3). They will be guided by a dedicated National Staff Member for the 2 days of training in Songahm Curriculum and Teaching Quadrants. Plus, Grand Master Candidate Caruso of the Master’s Council will be teaching the Songahm Curriculum! This is a chance for your members to train with a 9th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Candidate and learn Songahm Forms and technique from one of the best!
At the end, you will receive a Personal Analysis summary for each of your members. If you are looking to “level up” your staff or accelerate them to level 3, certified instructor, this is a great way to test their skills on a national level. You will receive a full recommendation and you may decide to level-up your member. Hurry, limited spots available for this semi-private training opportunity for your Legacy Members.



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