National Leadership Academy

LVCC C3 Classroom | Thursday, February 28th 
2:00pm - 3:30pm Free Sparring 
3:30pm - 5:00pm Combat Sparring


Black Belts in ATA's Leadership Program - AGES 15 and Up only may attend!

Join Team ATA USA head coaches in these special training seminars! You will learn advanced free sparring concepts, drills and skills with Master Jesse Isaacs and advanced combat weapons sparring techniques and skills with Sr. Master Kevin Kaminski!

Based on your skill, level of improvement, discipline and training, you may receive a special invitation to attend Team Trial Week during the National Leadership Academy at ATA World Headquarters in August where Team ATA USA members will be selected to represent ATA USA during the 2020 ATA World Cup!

What to bring:
- ATA black warm-ups or traditional dobok
- Full Free Sparring Gear
- ATA approved Combat Weapon (if attending combat section)
- Towel to wipe sweat
- Bottle of water
- Excitement and readiness to workout and have fun!





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