Clean the Clutter

How to Master Cleanliness in Only 30 Days

Power Me Up with Bananas

A Martial Artist’s Super Food

Not A Morning Person

You Can Be with These Tips


For Those Having A Hard Time Getting Motivated

Master of Discipline

The Best Habits to Develop Better Self-Discipline


Implementing ATA Martial Arts Life Skills in 2020

To The Letter

A Dose-By-Dose Breakdown of Vitamins

Student Spotlight

Miss Isabelle Green

Eternal Grand Master’s Legacy

In Celebration of Founder’s Month and 50 Years of the ATA

What Exactly is Self-Esteem?

What are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem & How Do We Improve It?


The Life Skill that Empowers You and Others 

Policy Letters

It’s hard to believe, but ATA Headquarters is already gearing up for our 2020 Rank Testing and Midterm season! We know you are working hard toward your next Songahm goal and our staff wants to ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

Smart Snacks

Food that Boosts Your Brainpower


Heart of a Champion


Make It Possible

Master Nominee Laurie Peterson’s Songahm Journey

** This blog is part of our Make It Possible series to celebrate ATA’s 50th anniversary.

Keep Calm

Smile in the Face of Tournament Jitters


The 2019 Spring Nationals Results Are In!


Songahm Superfoods

Get the Most Out of Your Meals

Don’t Stop Believing…In Yourself!

Building ‘Yes I Can’ Confidence 

Flexibility Facts

Myths that May Stretch the Truth

Martial Hearts

Having a Healthy Taekwondo Ticker

Discipline Yourself

The Secret to Getting What You Want

Change Yourself First!

9 Ways You Can Control Your Success in 2019

Winter Checklist

How to Stay Off the Sick List this Season

Arm Yourself for Martial Arts

Why You Need Upper-Body Strength and Power

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 

The 2018 Fall Nationals Results Are In!


Buddy Up!

Good Friends Are Good for Your Health

How To Build Endurance

Expert Tips to Improve Your Training Stamina

Food for Thought

Meal Time is Quality Time for ATA Families

Honesty It Is Still the Best Policy

The Leadership Life Skill that Leads to an Abundant Life

Watch Your Tech Etiquette

Use Life Skills to Keep Your Device in Check

Get That Black Belt Attitude

Having the Right Mindset at any Rank

Protein Prescription

Why Athletes Need a Healthy Dose of this Nutrient

Happy ATA Founder’s Month!

A Time to Celebrate Eternal Grand Master’s Giving Spirit

Find the JOY in YOU

9 Ways to Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost

Balance Yourself

Executing Control of Techniques Under Pressure

9 Fast Facts About Presiding Grand Master Nominee G.K. Lee

What to Know About the Legend in Training

Mind Your Manners

Making Proper Behavior a Habit

Train For Speed

Using Agility and Momentum to Maximize Your Training


Songahm Superfoods

Get the Most Out of Your Meals

Better Together

Take Steps to be an ATA STRONG Family

WE18 Results

View the 2018 World Expo Testing & Midterm Results!

Join the Journey

The Prominence of the Presiding Grand Master Process


Give It to Get It

Proudly at Peace

How One ATA Instructor Overcame It All

A Worldly Experience

A Guide from the ATA Brand Ambassadors

9 Hot and Healthy Summertime Habits

Summer Break Doesn’t Have to Mean a Break from Training

ATA Official Facebook Frames

Dress Up Your Profile Pic Songahm Style

History is Made by Four Songahm Legends

ATA Greats Test for 9th Degree During the World Expo

Presiding Grand Master Nomination Announcement

Dear Songahm Instructors, Students, Family and Friends,

Break Like A Master

Use Power and Technique Like ATA Experts


The Best Medicine

Grand Master In Ho Lee Passes the Torch for the Future

Grand Master In Ho Lee Passes the Torch for the Future

Road Ready

Tweak Your Summer Taekwondo Travel with These Tips


Getting and Giving the Message

Mind Body Spirit

A Dose-By-Dose Breakdown of Vitamins

Tournaments 101

Experts Share the Ins and Outs of Competition

Ready for Worlds!

ATA Martial Arts Prepares for the Legendary Event

All in the Mind

Staying Sharp to Stay Strong

ATA Leadership and Life Skills Excellence

Armor for Confidence and Power

Packing a Punch

Why Your Kids Should Be in Martial Arts? 

You Better Believe It!

Mastering The Life Skill That Gives Us Confidence

How To: Improve Your Core Strength

Workout for the Vital Muscles


Got Calcium?

What You Need, How To Get It

The 2018 Spring Nationals Results Are In!


Ready for Routine

Why Structure Matters for Your Children

Carbs: The Good, The Bad, The Complex

Cutting Through The Complications Of Bad Diets

How To: Master Your Test

Follow A Legend's Example To Success

Dynamite Discipline

Life Skill that is an Essential Building Block to Success

Don't Forget!

Master Your Memory to Power Your Performance

How To: Crank Up Your Cardio

Raising the Heart Rate to Raise Performance

Snow Day

9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Snow Day.

ATA Students Know: There’s Always More to Learn

Why continuing your education in all aspects of your life can keep you sharp on and off of the mats.

The Masters' Council Presents: ATA Unity Workout

Grand Master In Ho Lee invites all 1st Degree black belts and higher to this unique workout opportunity during the 2018 Spring Nationals event.

Friday, February 2, 2018 at 6:00 – 8:30pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, Room: TBA

Wear your white, traditional dobok (uniform)

Spring Nationals Hotel Stay Giveaway!

Book Between 12.4.17 – 12.31.17 for Your Chance to Win Up To 5 Free Nights at the Paris Hotel!

How To: Create A Team Sparring Success Story

Success Relies On Collective Conditioning, Footwork

Urgent Tournament Bulletin: The ATA Tournament Standings have been updated!

December 1, 2017 - The ATA Tournament Standings have been updated for the State and World Top 10. 

9 Ways to Develop Self Control

Establishing Life Skills to Help at School, Work and In Training

How To: Master The Sword

Learning The Art Of The Blade Is A Lifelong Process

As Natural as Breathing

Polish Your Performance with Proper Breathing Techniques

Results are in!

View the 2017 Rank & Midterm Testing Results now!

Thank you, Veterans!

Meet Chief Master P. Wargo & Dr. Harlan C. Van Over - Two of Our ATA Strong Veterans.

Rev Up Your Reading

ATA Book Series To Help You Exercise Your Mind And Enjoy Your Sport

How To: Get Your Kicks

Focus, Precision Enhance Kicking Success

Self-Esteem: The Leadership Life Skill that Starts Within You

When the cameras are rolling, Mike Moh is ready, confident and able to hit his mark.  

Check out Marvel's Inhumans, starring one of ATA's own...


Congratulations to our friend and ATA instructor, Mr. Mike Moh, for his role in the new series premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans... you can check it out on ABC on Friday nights @ 9/8c!!

One of ATA's very own is on the big screen!

Have you heard that a member of our ATA X5 team will be on the big screen? Congratulations to Ms. Rissa Kilar for her role in Marvel's latest installment, Logan. If you haven't already, head to the theaters to check it out!

"Utah Boy with Autism Wins World Title in Taekwondo: 'I Cannot Wait to See What the Future Holds for Him,' Says Mom" - People

When 11-year-old Ethan Fineshriber became a World Championship in Taekwondo, his friends rushed into the ring and hoisted him up on their shoulders.

"ATA Taekwondo championships return to Little Rock" - THV11

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- If you visit downtown Little Rock this week, you may notice a few more black belts than usual.

ATA International, the martial arts organization dedicated to the discipline of Taekwondo, celebrates its 26th anniversary of hosting its World Championships in Little Rock.

"ATA International To Locate Headquarters In Little Rock, Arkansas" - Area Development

ATA International, one of the world’s largest martial arts organizations dedicated to the discipline of taekwondo, began construction on the organization’s new headquarters at 1800 Riverfront Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas.

"H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden" - Atlas Obsurca

A beautiful South Korean gate and garden in Little Rock honors American Taekwondo. Just at the end of the Main Street Bridge in the center of Little Rock, Arkansas, this impressive and beautiful gate and garden stands as a symbol of friendship between South Korea and America, a gift of appreciation,...

News Release: ATA International breaks ground for new World Headquarters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (June 24, 2015) – ATA International (ATA) broke ground today for the organization’s new headquarters. The new facility will be located at 1800 Riverfront Drive in Little Rock and is inspired by traditional Korean architecture.

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