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Do I need prior martial arts experience?

Yes, prior martial arts experience is required. You must be a Certified Instructor with the ATA, a 1st Degree Black Belt or higher and be an active member of the ATA.

Do I receive a territory with an ATA license?

Commercial school licensees receive an exclusive territory based on population density.

What is the Licensee fee?

The fees vary depending upon the type of license you purchase. The license that allows you the greatest amount of income cost $15,000 for a full-time school in a commercial facility.

What is the term for the license?

The license needs to be renewed every three years. Currently, there is no charge for the renewal.

Why should I invest in an ATA license?

The ATA is the world's largest organized martial arts licensing association with over 1,000 licensed-locations acrosss the U.S. and around the world! It has been in existence for over 40 years and utilizes a copyrighted and proven curriculum to ensure consistency from your staff that generates safe and effective results.

What does the training involve?

ATA Certified Instructors need to attend a week-long Basic Business & Martial Arts Training Seminar at ATA Headquarters in Little Rock, AR. The seminar is taught by high-ranking Black Belt instructors and successful ATA operators. The main focus of the seminar is how to operate a lucrative ATA-licensed school. There will also be training in traditional taekwondo as well as thorough review of the Songahm curriculum including strength and conditioning classes.

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