Protech Certification Seminar

LVCC S3 Hall |  Thursday, February 28th |  8:00am - 5:00pm

Gum Do Level 1 & 2

The ancient art of Gumdo, studied by the Korean “Saulabi”, is the martial art of the Korean long sword.  Taught by experienced Gumdo and ATA Hall of Famer, Chief Master Vincent Raimondi will guide you through the proper cutting techniques, stances and footwork you will need to build a strong foundation with the sword.  Along with drills to take back to your students, the Level 2 Form will also be taught.  Whether you want to compete or just train with one of the oldest weapons in the martial arts, this seminar will show you both the power and grace of Gumdo.  You must be at least 18 years old, 4th Degree Black Belt and currently certified in Level 1 to attend.



Ssahng Nat

Ssahng nats are martial arts weapon designed specifically for striking, blocking and can even be used to disarm an opponent.  Commonly known as the Kamas, the Ssahng Nat were developed from the Asian farming tool, the sickle.  The sickle is a short-handled farming tool with a semicircular blade, used for cutting grain.  Whether you want to improve your own traditional Ssahng Nat form, learn to handle the weapon for your xtreme techniques, or become a better instructor/judge – this seminar is for you!  Register now for this exciting Protech weapon taught by Chief Master Kathy Lee.  You must be at least 16 years old and a 2nd Degree Black Belt to attend.



Close Range Self-Defense

What will you do if you are confronted on the street and the attacker has closed the gap limiting your use of traditional kicks or strikes to defend?  Grand Master GK Lee will teach you joint-lock manipulation and other close-range defense techniques that will give you the edge on the street.  These techniques are non-violent manipulation flows that are less invasive than strikes - but can be elevated to life-threatening if the situation calls for it.  With school bullying and street attacks as a common occurrence in today’s society, these skills are a strong addition to any traditional martial artist young and old.  Also, great material for instructors to teach back in their schools to make their communities safer.



Oh Sung Do Levels 1 & 2

The Oh Sung Do is commonly called the broad sword, this seminar will show you the ways of the graceful weapon.  Learn how the Oh Sung Do weapon and style of the form is different from the Gum Do techniques and weapon.  Taught by Grand Master Chung, an expert in the Tai Chi and the Oh Sung Do. 



Disruptive Student Management

The PPCT Disruptive Student Management Course is designed to control the “physical actions” of student violence.  This course does not explore the psychology of violence or the socioeconomic or family issues that lead to violence.  Instead, the course focuses on controlling actions of physical violence directed at another student, a teacher, or another staff member.  The techniques are very specific to actions of physical violence that teachers commonly encounter.  They are not based on a general premise of self-defense that simply utilizes martial arts techniques; rather they are based on principles of control and/or evasion.




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