Team Sparring Level 1 - Coaching Clinic

LVCC S3 Classroom | Thursday, February 28th  |  1:00pm - 5:00pm

At the 2018 World Expo, the ATA announced the launch of Team Sparring Competitions at the Regional Tournament level for the 2018-2019 Tournament season.  Teams will consist of 3 members and almost all ages are invited to participate in two team sparring divisions: Free Sparring and Combat Weapons Sparring. 

If your school would like to form a team and begin accumulating points this season, this seminar is a requirement for a designated member from your school (must have participated by December 31, 2018). 

Here’s what this seminar (led by Master Isaacs – Team ATA USA’s Head Coach) will provide for your team:

    • Step-by-Step Process to Create and Coach Teams for Team Sparring Divisions - For Both Divisions: Free Sparring team and Combat Sparring team
    • How to Qualify an athlete/individual to join the National Team – Team ATA USA which will compete in the ATA’s World Cup to potentially win the Team Sparring World Champion Title
    • Eligibility for your team to begin accumulating points for State/District/National Champion Titles (to be awarded in 2019, World titles do not apply)
    • Teams may compete without coach’s training through 2018, but points will not accumulate
    • Points will retroactively be awarded as long as certification is attained by Dec. 31, 2018
    • Learn how a “Level 1 - Coach” can train assistant coaches in your school
Free of Charge to all eligible, Legacy Member Black Belts, 18 and older. Must have your instructor's approval to be a coach. Open to all Black Belts, 18 and older - must be (any level) Legacy member.  Ages 18 and up are welcome.  Must have Licensee Approval to be a coach.




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